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The Revolution Will Be Live

Missives from the Not-so-Underground

my name escapes me
30 October 1977
Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, today is a gift.

I am a graduate student, pursuing my PhD at Georgetown University. I read books and write papers, and I teach history to undergrads. It is often hell. Everything else I do, I am probably not actually supposed to be doing. I sometimes do it anyway. I'm a rebel like that...

Mine is a life in flux at the moment. Am I a PhD candidate? Am I an unemployed bum? Am I a stay-at-home dog mom? Am I about to totally change my career path and go full-time into IT? Stay tuned...

I just can't seem to feel comfortable in any one cubby hole with regard to pretty much anything. Sometimes I envy people who know they're into one time or place or people, with everything they have, and it doesn't change. They can just throw all their passion into that one bottle. And I do think it's great that some people have that focus. I'm still glad I don't, and never will.

Some of my passions are fickle. I excuse it, and try to embrace it, by remembering that I'm a militant atheist - I have one life, and there's just so much to see and learn and do and experience and read, and the greatest stress of my life is that I will never do it all.

Just at the moment, I'm obsessed with political blogs, cooking blogs, learning more and more about food and cooking, and trying new things in that whole arena. I also have low-grade obsessions going with gaming and comic books.

The passions that never change are for my family, including my fiance, and dogs, both mine and others.
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